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Each division of IRED is headed by a senior and experienced director that manages a dedicated team of managers and employees. Where a specific capability is required on a project, IRED will partner with a company that have the resources and capacity to deliver but ensures that IRED’s policies and values are adopted through a joint management structure.  



IRED Development Management have an experienced dedicated team of development managers headed by Ron Forlee, the Chief Operating Officer and assisted by Terry Smith, the Chief Financial Officer.  Members of the team have developed their owned projects and have the skills to manage the development process and the associated risks. The service provided by the team include:


  • Development procurement

  • Government development tenders

  • Market research

  • Development vision and strategy

  • Feasibility studies

  • Development finance

  • Project team management

  • Project administration

  • Project reporting

  • Public private partnership


IRED Construction Management is headed by Fred Taylor, the Chief Executive Officer and is assisted by a team of experienced contractors and sub-contractors. Having started and worked in his own civil and engineering company, Fred has the experience and communication skills to deal with the pressure of construction deadlines and communicating with tradesmen and sub-contractors. Under construction management, the following services are provided:      


  • Construction procurement

  • Government tenders

  • Construction tenders

  • Design and construct tenders

  • Contractor joint ventures

  • Design management

  • Measurement and estimating

  • Contract administration

  • Costs management

  • Construction supervision




IRED Planning and Design is an in-house design and management division. The team is headed by Ron Forlee who is also a qualified architect with 38 years’ experience in design and construction. IRED’s design philosophy is to create its own form of architecture which reflects the arts and culture of Indigenous people of Australia. The services provided include:   


  • Design brief

  • Master planning

  • Architectural design

  • 3D Modelling

  • Building Information Management

  • Design development

  • Construction documentation

  • Contract administration

  • Construction superintendence




IRED Property Management is headed by Nick Catania, Chairman. Nick had previously owned his own real estate company that managed a portfolio of house and commercial buildings in Perth for a period of 10 years before he sold the business. With the projects that IRED it builds or develop, it can offer the following property management services. 


  • Rental management and collection

  • Marketing and finding tenants

  • Tenant screening

  • Lease management

  • Manage security bonds

  • Handling complaints and emergencies

  • Tenant evictions

  • Maintenance and Repairs

  • Comply with property safety standards

  • Budget management

  • Records and administration

  • Payment of rates and taxes


Under this division, IRED foresees a great opportunity, young Indigenous girls and boys to be trained as property managers.