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Fred Taylor, Chairman

Fred Taylor is a Yamatji senior and leader in the Yamatji community, is a custodian of the country and is recognised as a spokesperson for the Yamatji region. Fred is an advocate and champion for aboriginal business, employment and participation with expertise in aboriginal affairs, culture and Native Title. He has extensive experience as a public officer in Aboriginal and Government agencies. He has worked as the Regional Manager and Aboriginal Liaison Officer for the Yamatji Land and Sea Council and has also worked for the Midwest, Gascoyne & Murchison Areas Native Title Working Group. He was previously the Managing Director of Yamatji Civil and Mining an indigenous business with responsibility for strategy and business development. Strong leadership capabilities are complimented with significant operational experience, a pragmatic approach and a deep understanding of the needs of the Yamatji people. Fred’s specialities include Indigenous affairs, Aboriginal culture, Aboriginal employment, Native Title, Aboriginal Communities, leadership and mining, civil and mining, tender preparation, safety, employee relations, business development, seminars, workshops and public speaking.


Ron P Forlee, Chief Operating Officer

Ron graduated as an Architect in 1978 in South Africa before immigrating to Australia in 1983. Established his own design and property development consultancy called Archiplan Pty Ltd in Perth whilst still maintaining an interest in South Africa. Over the past 35 years Ron has been involved in all facets of architecture from design to on-site supervision, and managing his own property developments. Projects have ranged from housing to larger commercial buildings such as shopping centres, office blocks and tourism developments both in Australia, South Africa and China. Being an expert in the field of property development, Ron has written and published three books, two on property development and the other building construction and has delivered a number of papers at seminars on the subject of his pet interest.

Todd Mason, Business Development Officer

Todd, at the age of 18, completed a Shipwright Certificate in the field of superyacht construction. With a thirst to explore the world, Todd embarked on the 1st of 27 laps of the globe that provided him a diverse portfolio as a construction manager. This led to a 33-year record of successfully overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar construction projects, from mega yachts to environmental projects for government and private clients. Experience includes managing crews of up to 40 people in film productions, residential and commercial construction, vessel construction, renewable energy, all the while driving new product development. During his travels he pursued his passion for sport and became a world champion snowboarder, climbed some of the highest mountains, raced cars and bikes and explored the extremities of this planet. One of the by-products of such a journey was sales, marketing and management. He has a proven track record of developing international business and motivating teams to exceed targets and embrace change. Todd is a motivational speaker who continues to motivate many through his experiences.


Robin Boddington, Aboriginal Development and Engagement Manager

As a Wajarri leader and spokesperson, Robin sits on the board for the Wajarri people Trust as well as the Sinosteel Liaison Committee. Robin is passionate and dedicated to improving relationships by bridging the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal groups. She has also been involved with Murchison and Gascoyne Native Title for over 20 years and has worked for the Wajarri people and CSIRO for the past 4 years to assist implementation of the ILUA (Indigenous Land Use Agreement). Robin is currently working for Yamatji Mining and Civil as the Administration and Process Manager which also entails delivering Cultural Awareness Training to various Organisations and groups.

Terry Smith, Chief Financial Officer

Terry is a Chartered Accountant, having worked originally with Deloittes, then operating an accounting practice for over 16 years. Terry has also been involved in commerce dealing with a diverse range of businesses including mining exploration, hotels, pastoral and agricultural businesses and national car rental operations. Terry specialises in Project Administration for Developers and has administered more than 20 property developments over the past 14 years in Western Australia. In addition to managing the group’s finances, Terry is responsible for business development, project feasibility and the realisation of each project.