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IRED Housing is a not-for-profit developer and manager of affordable housing for Australians in need for shelter whether they wish to rent or buy. Our key areas of service include:


  • Development and delivery of affordable housing and senior’s accommodation;

  • Property and rental management services; and

  • Apprenticeship, training and employment.


Our role is to work closely with government, communities, agencies and service providers where a housing need has been identified. We secure land, create a project design concept, arrange development finance, supervise the construction, arrange mortgage finance for homebuyers and the manage the rental of unsold homes

IRED Housing is a public benevolent institution, an income tax exempt charity and deductible gift recipient. Registered under the Corporations Act as a not-for-profit (NFP) company limited by guarantee, IRED was established to provide affordable housing to the broader Australian community and the training and education for young indigenous Australians. The surpluses we make go back into providing affordable community housing for individuals and families.


IRED Housing is a division of IRED Corporation Pty Ltd, a developer of commercial real estate where a percentage of its profits are distributed to a Foundation for funding the education, apprenticeship and training of indigenous Australians in the construction and real estate industry.   

Where all Australians are living equally in vibrant communities and the residents are safe and secure in their homes and have pride in home ownership creating a stronger, richer society.

As a socially responsible Indigenous developer having respect for our land, we aim to deliver housing accommodation for all Australians and not for the elite few in order to enhance self-determination and ownership which make a difference in the lives of all Australians.

IRED Housing is a nonreligious and apolitical organisation, subscribing to equal opportunity for all people and our values are based professionalism, transparency, inclusiveness, caring, respect, integrity, cooperation and sustainability

  • Provide quality affordable rental housing to those in need and assists those who cannot enter the traditional housing market with escalating prices securing a pathway to home ownership.

  • Work together with governments, agencies, service providers and with local communities by creating partnerships with its people.

  • Create employment and training opportunities wherever possible so that local communities can benefit from skills development and economic opportunities provided through housing development and management.