IRED Commercial Pty Ltd will undertake commercial projects where there is a commercial return to Indigenous communities and its investors. The projects that IRED Commercial will undertake will be dependent on a number of key factors which include current and market demand, location, timing of delivery to market, financing, pre-committed sales or leases etc. ensuring its viability.  Types or asset class of projects that IRED envisage undertaking include:


  • Multi-residential or group housing: Projects under this category should the critical mass and not smaller than 20 units;

  • Short stay: This includes hotels and service apartments. Native title land occupies some of the most attractive tourist zones in Australia. By providing the required accommodation will enhance tourist related employment opportunities;

  • Health and aged care: The Australian Government is providing sizeable capital towards Indigenous Health and similarly with Aged Care. Buildings in this sector is in great demand.

  • Retail: With the introduction of smaller food outlets such as IGA and Aldi, it has now become viable to introduce these outlets in regional areas.       


In order to ensure that Indigenous communities gain employment and training in the construction sector, IRED will act as either the Development and Construction Manager on development or construction projects. Where IRED does not have the capacity or resources to undertake a specific project it will enter into a Joint Venture and partners with an entity that have these abilities. However, IRED will only enter into a Joint Venture where the other party is willing to transfer skills and undertakes to train and provide apprenticeship ensuring that Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) are implemented.


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