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The IRED Corporate structure is made up of (a) IRED Corporation Pty Ltd as the Development and Construction Manager (b) ProFundr-IRED Development Fund providing both Equity and Debt to approved projects (b) IRED Communities as a “Not-for-Profit” entity focusing on affordable housing and community infrastructure and (b) IRED Commercial as a commercial enterprise focusing on commercial projects that provides a return to investors. In addition, there is a Foundation being established for education and training for young indigenous people where 10% of profit is contributed by IRED through projects undertaken.


PropFundr – IRED Development Fund


Propfundr (www.propfundr.com) and IRED Corporation Pty Ltd have formed a partnership and have established a Development Fund to finance IRED projects that are aligned to the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAPs) framework for social outcomes and in line with the principles of ecological sustainable developments.


The Fund derives its investments from quality Australian residential, commercial, tourism, infrastructure, health and aged care-related property development projects. The focus of these investments, subject to Investment Committee approval, is providing project finance to selected IRED Developments. Projects have a maximum term of 3 years. The Development Fund allows IRED to undertake Joint Venture projects with other developers as long as these projects are in line with IRED’s policies.